There is not much to tell, really.  Mr. Janikowski is what you might call "corn-fed" but currently living in a really interesting metropolis on a really great river.  Having seen a lot of the world, he is now content in any spare moment he has to sit in his darkened house, listen to jazz and write what he wants.  Given his druthers, when he tires of that he would gladly just mix a cocktail and play with his dogs, slacker that he is.  Sadly, most hours of the week he still needs to write what others want so that he can keep bread on the table, gin in the ice-box, and keep paying his manager and handler.
Tom Janikowski is firmly planted in that generation known as "X" and yet his pocket is seldom without a square (let the reader understand), and he shaves with the most archaic implements.  He would rather wash down a slice of cake with a glass of champagne than with a glass of milk.  He continually wonders as to the whereabouts of a fork that he had taken out of a drawer earlier in the day, claiming it has something to do with his love/hate relationship with commas. I seldom understand what he is talking about, but I pass it off to "poetic license."

Come and go, please, but do always come back.  Read a bit, think a bit, pass it on to your friends. We appreciate your patronage and we thank you for your time.

Mr. Linus G. Andrews,
General Manager, "A Martini and a Pen"
Personal Secretary to Mr. Janikowski