08 September 2011

Coming Along Nicely...

I would like to give a short update for all of you who are interested in my soon-to-be-released first collection of short fiction (and that would be all three of you, probably). A Martini and a Pen (pretty original title, isn't it?) is completed and a foreword is being written by a guest author - in all seriousness, it is by an author and editor I am INCREDIBLY honored to have write it.  More on her identity when the book goes to press.  

God willing, it will be available by the end of the year in both print and digital formats.  Isn't this a wonderful, squeaky-clean digital age we live in?  

Keep your eyes open for A Pultenham County Sketchbook and Balloon Heart on the heels of each other after that.  This is, of course, dependent on my staying sober long enough to see the works to completion.  In the mean time, remember that I have a longer-than-usual (for me) story in print this month in Side B Magazine.  It will be available in print and digital on the 15th of September.  More on that next week, no doubt.  

I am now going to return to my cocktail.  You should do the same.

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