04 September 2012

Is That Hangtime?

A great cloud rose up over the horizon and a little leaf or something like a leaf fell down out of the sky. 'Spiraled right around, it did...falling and falling, slowly, slowly circling, until it landed on the honey-grubber's face. Honey grubbers hate it when leaves fall on their faces, you know.

“Chippy-hand!” cried the honey-grubber as the leaf tickled that big old nose of his and he lashed out with nails that were so filthy and hands darkened with sin and toil. Hellish, hellish honey-grubber. The dirty nails of his hand tore the flesh off his nose and the leaf-like object was bloodied. “Bastage chippy-hand!” he cried and the tears welled up in his filthy, waxy eyes.

The honey-grubber rolled to his feet and wiggled that pooch like a see-saw hobby horse. When a pooch gives a jiggle you never know where it might end. Hobby-horse like a see-saw? You know what I mean? You know exactly what I mean and I think that you like it, too...just look at that pooch wiggling like a see-saw hobby horse. The honey-grubber takes those filthy hands and rubs his palms across his pooch. A little blood trickles off that face of his, where the leaf-like object had landed and where his dirty nails had torn.

If you look closely, you can see right inside the honey-grubber and maybe spot a little bit of light. Go ahead. Look closely. Don't get too close, though, because his breath is like a stinking anus or maybe, at best, like the stench of a full colon – fresh, but still horrible. If you lean in to see the honey-grubber's wounds, you can almost see yourself reflected back in his eyes, and you feel his body heat and you can smell his stink and you can tell that his chest is rising and falling as he breathes out that foul air.

And he looks at you. And he stares. And his face bleeds where he tore it.

And you know you are inside of him. And he in you.

And the great cloud blows off, past the horizon, leaving a gray patch in the heavens where the honey-grubber trains his gaze. And it is pale and it is moist.

And that leaf or something like a leaf is on the ground, and it is blown by the wind and blows right away.

It blows right away.

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