07 January 2011

Grew up in the 1970's?

Yeah, I did, too.  Do you remember how things looked different back then?  Do you remember going to a "supperclub" with your parents on your birthday?  Well, I do.  I remember this place called "The Blue Canary" on the south side of Milwaukee, where they had an all-you-can-eat buffett every now and again, complete with broasted chicken and freaking turtle soup. No kidding...turtle soup.  Whatever the case, they would invariably have a polka band that would serenade the corpulent diners with the greatest hits of Frankie Yankovich or the Jolly Dutchmen or someone or other.  There was always this guy there who polkaed with his hands in his pockets...a strange little guy who would hop around with some woman, gazing like a weirdo at her bosom and keeping his hands lodged snugly in the pockets of his polyester leisure suit.  Pathetic.  Pathetic but somehow strangely comforting to think about.

Some years later, in the 1980's or 1990's, I think, the Milwaukee Journal or Sentinel ran this special publicatiobn on special things about Milwaukee.  One of them was the "Blue Canary," and strangely enough they had a photo of Mr. hands-in-the-pockets-polka-man.  There he was, in all his glory, doing the Polish two-step and playing pocket pool at the same time.  God bless him.

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