21 January 2011

Whipped and Abused Honey

So I've been dealing with a cold or some such ailment for about the past week now, and it has left me with very little energy to write or do just about anything except sleep, attend to bodily functions and listen to podcasts.  OK, so I have managed to put in my fair share of hours of work each day, but the writing has taken a hit in the past 5 to 7 days.  Not good.
There comes that point when you are about to make a hot toddy when you are not sure if a hot toddy is really what you need or if a hot toddy is even all that good for you.  My plan for the hot toddy today was going to go something like this:

1 cup of hot water
some honey
some freshly-squeezed lemon juice
some brandy

I started thinking about the wisdom of taking hard liquor when I feel this way, so I then started formulating a secondary plan for the hot toddy.  It was going to go something like this:

1 cup of hot water
1 tea bag
some honey
some freshly-squeezed lemon juice

This seemed like a good plan.  I began rummaging through the kitchen and came up rather short in the lemon department.  Hmmmm.  OK, I thought, we'll look for a lemon tea.  No dice.  I put the whole tea thing on hold and switched to the honey.  Honey.  Honey, honey, honey.  There was a bottle of molasses. No, that would not do.  A thing of maple syrup? Nah.  There was a flask of Martha Washington's Ferry Sauce, made about 6 months ago - that did have honey in it, actually. Hmmmm.

I switched back to the hunt for lemon tea.  Lemongrass tea?  No...the rest of the ingredients sounded a little dodgy, and I don't think that lemongrass actually implies the content of any lemon.  Green tea?  No...it just sounded bad at that moment.  Orange starfruit tea.  Hmmm.   This seemed like a likely contestant, as the orange was close enough to being a lemon and starfruit was at the very least not lemongrass.  I boiled some water and found a mug.

I returned to the hunt for the honey and after a few minutes of searching I was about to give up and use sugar.  At last I spied a jar with something yellow in the bottom - I suppose it could have been chicken fat for all I knew, but I took a chance.  As it turned out it was some kind of honey-product...whipped, spun, beaten, abused, something like that.  I poured a little bit of boiling water into the jar to loosen the stuff up, and in it went with the tea.  Here is how the "hot toddy" turned out:

1 cup of boiling water
1 orange starfruit teabag
some abused honey product of questionable vintage

I managed to drink it down and it seemed to help.  Three hours later I am about to start my search for the next cup, and I almost fear what will pass for a "hot toddy" this time.

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