03 June 2011

Barrels Found in Field

by Respite Welk of the Pultenham County Recorder

Four empty barrels that had previously contained a potentially explosive substance were found Friday morning in a field owned by Mr. Cletus Ford of Owen Township, according to Pultenham County Sheriff Cecil Morgan. The barrels appear to have been empty when abandoned, giving rise to questions concerning the whereabouts of the chemical.

Mr. Ford noticed the empty barrels while working behind his chicken coop and, after inspecting the barrels himself, decided to call the authorities. “I thought maybe they'd have something in them,” said Mr. Ford. “I was hoping for some liquor or maybe pesticide, but I don't got that kind of luck.”

Sheriff Morgan has said that he will conduct a thorough investigation throughout the county in hope of finding the source of the barrels as well as the person or persons responsible for discarding the barrels on private property. “This kind of gall-darned shenanigan is a class three misdemeanor, and I'm gonna nail the c**k-sucker who done it,” said Sheriff Morgan in a prepared statement this afternoon

Anyone with information regarding the barrels should contact Pultenham County Sheriff Cecil Morgan immediately.

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