23 June 2011

The Recent Delay

As he has decided to follow my suggestion of "don't quit your day job,"  Mr. Andrews has opted to take a transfer to another office, some 48 or so miles distant.  This week has been full of all sorts of wranglings connected to the upcoming move, but I hope to see Mr. Andrews' sorry posterior at his writing desk by the weekend.  We shall see.

We thank you all for your time and for your continued readership.  I would remind you that this is a wonderful time to refresh your memories of his many strange and wonderful tales that can be had in the archive section of this blog.  Please visit the many fine blogs on the "blog roll", so called, as well.

On behalf of Mr. Andrews, I thank you once again for putting up with such a slacker as he is.


Mr. Linus G. Janikowski,
General Manager, "A Martini and a Pen"
Personal Secretary to Mr. Andrews

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