11 July 2011

Lunchtime with Respite Welk in Cotton City

Hand to french fry.  French fry to lips.  Chew. Swallow.  Hand to french fry. French fry to lips.  You get the drill.  Lather.  Rinse. Repeat.

Dirty face on that one over there.  Smear of some kind of dirt, anyway.  Could be grease and dust mixed together.  Maybe pencil lead.  Lock graphite.  Fecal matter.  Doesn't matter.  Dirty face on that one.

Fat man in a scooter.  Way too fat of a man on that scooter. Fat before scooter or after scooter, not sure.  Have another triple cheeseburger and get the suspension checked on your scooter, fat man.  TWO triple cheeseburgers.  And french fries.  And some ice cream. Thank God for the diet cola.  That will help.

Hand to french fry.  French fry to lips.  Chew. Swallow.  Hand to french fry. French fry to lips. 

Nice leathery skin on her.  Get some sun, eat some french fries.  Drink your cola.  Get some more sun. Cola. Cola. Cola.  Nice leathery skin.  Good thing you're so young but look so old.  At least you'll get your money's worth out of that leathery skin of yours before it shrivels up and falls right off your body, leaving you walking around like one of those "visible man" plastic science models - showing off your sinewy muscles, bald head  and eyeball sockets.  Nice leathery skin.  Did I mention your leathery, sun-tanned, weather-beaten skin is nice?  Yes. Nice like a worn saddle or a dried up old shoe.  Nice.

Now THAT is an abdomen on that fellow.  In some parts they call them "bellies," and people fill them with beer and cheese and fried foods and high-fructose corn syrup.  Maybe that is what is in that one.  It hardly moves, though, as he moves, so maybe it is all muscle.  That or he strapped a sheep onto his torso this morning before he left the house.  Hmmm.  Not sure.  Slap it and see if it makes a sound like a sheep.  No...scratch that.  ASPCA people might cry bloody murder if it IS a sheep.  Man with belly might cry bloody murder if it is NOT a sheep.

Hand to french fry.  French fry to lips.  Chew. Swallow. 

Back to work.

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