01 July 2011

Piled High with Bile (as stated by Cyril)

"Never was a single one, no way.  If'n I chose to go on up there to Cotton City that day I woulda' thought to take along some cash with me, you know that.  I ain't no sucker - 'cause I didn't just fall off that melon truck, no matter what my daddy told you.  He was drunk half th' time and he only took time to look at me if I was blockin' th' path to th' outhouse.  'Bastard would haul off and cold cock me one - hell, I'd just drop to th' ground like a sack'a bricks, even if he didn't really catch me a good one.  I just dropped so th' hittin' would stop.

So, no, I didn't go up there that day, and I never did see no one runnin' back to Haverland.  Didn't see a single person on that whole road, 'cause I was just workin' on my Deere just outside the edge'a town - damn thing started shootin' oil just while I was sprayin' that pea field - and I never did see no one.  Not a single one.

If that bastard Cottreau says that I was up there then he's lyin' through his ass as well as through his teeth, 'cause he don't know what he's talkin' about.  Dumb pea-picker.  I ain't been up to Cotton City in a whole long time.  Last time I went was for that sale at the Co-op, when I got me some of that new stuff that s'posed to kill th' bugs but not dry your brain out except for maybe kids and little babies.  But that's OK 'cause kids mostly don't like peas, no how.  And if you wash 'em good, you're OK.

So no, I didn't go up there that day, and I ain't seen no one runnin' on th' road back into Haverland, and I ain't seen no Sheriff Morgan, and I didn't hear no shootin'.  I was just workin' on my Deere and sprayin' that field and I just wanna' go home now.  Kin' I just get goin' now?  'You guys done with me?

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