05 August 2011

At the State Fair...Not Much Writing Today, as I'm Busy With Livestock.

"Andrews, did you see that guy go past in the Justin Bieber concert T-shirt?"  My friend Dave was incredulous.

"No," I confessed, "I must have missed him."

"Well, he looked a lot like you, and for a second I thought maybe it was your twin.  And the way you are always going on about people and their secret, inwardly-absorbed twins that grow inside their bodies, I thought maybe this had been one of those."

"One of those?"

"Yeah, except one who had been surgically removed very early on so he was able to grow..."


"Yeah, in every way except his musical tastes."

"Let's get over to the sheep barn," I suggested, "my secret, inwardly-absorbed twin would like to watch some shearing."

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