17 April 2012

Now Available at "Zygote in My Coffee"

Please have a gander at my short story, "Reeking of Sasquatch" at Zygote in My Coffee.  It is a rather quirky little piece in the "Little Mikey Nitrous" series.  Don't you just love that little shaver?  He kind of acts up and gets a little sassy in this story, but please don't hold it against him.

I am grateful that they gave me a nice little author entry that you can find if you click right here. You could go here and check out all of the other fine authors and poets in this issue, as well - I think you will rather enjoy yourself.

You will be able to find the link to this story and to many others on my "elsewhere" page, that you could perhaps also have a look at sometime soon.  One again,  please enjoy yourself.

Don't enjoy yourself too much, however...it is still illegal in some states.

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