25 May 2012

Laid the Wood on 'Im, Part Two (as told by his old man)

Damn dog kept on barkin'...kept on hangin' on th' steps an' barkin'...sittin' there and jes', shit it ain't got nothin' better a' do than jes' keep on barkin'. Damn kid ain't gonna' shit me no more 'bout the money and th' money he got 'cause he's workin' and he's gonna' not shit me no more 'bout that money, kid's a damn liar an' I know it 'cause I know. How I know? I know. Shit he ain't gonna' talk back an' he ain't gonna' lie 'cause when I's his age my ol' man'd whup my ass'f I talked back an' lied like that and, shit, he'd stick me too 'cause he gots what's comin' an' no one can say he don't. Shit my ol' man would whup my ass an' he'd stick me too if he had a way t' stick me then'e'd stick me sonofabitch'd stick me good. Sonofabitch. 'At kid'd do anything t' get outta' workin' an' he'd soon as run th' hell away then work an' leave me t' th' workin' roun' here. I brought that sonofabitch inna' this world, an' shit, I'll take 'im out.

Kid! Kiiid! Sonofabitch! Cut myfckenself an' that sonofabitch ain't gon' do nothin' he ain't here when you need 'im an' shit if he ever been any good, no good, damn good fer' nothin' kid. My ol' man'd whup my ass'f I ever was like that an' I wasn't 'roun' when I needed him and shit he was never there when I dammit needed 'im an' now he ain't here. Shit. Gotta' get a rag. Ah shit I pissed. No one ain't ever been there fer' me when I needed 'em and I ain't never asked no help fer' nothin' shit I need a fckenrag. Kid! Kiiid!

Shit...I brought that sonofabitch inna' this world, an' shit, I'll take 'im out. Gotta' lay down.

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