05 June 2012

Cross-Link Tuesday

Hello everyone.  This is just a reminder (or a heads up for folks new to this site) that there are two other sites that Mr. Andrews writes at that you should all have a look at from time to time.  Please have a peek at the following (click on the titles to follow the links):

"The Martini Tumblr,"  in which Mr. Andrews explains some of his writing, talks about writing, writes about writing, posts photos of food and  his dog, and just has an all around good time.

"the lost beat,"  in which Mr. Andrews collaborates with his cousin from Milwaukee, Natasha Gdansk, in writing and sharing poetry.  No bongos are allowed.  Unless you ask very nicely and politely.

That about takes care of it.  Mr. Andrews is ensconced in his "9 to 5" work at the present moment and wishes you all a pleasant day.  He has a new piece up at "the lost beat" (please see above) today that you could all read in your free time, and there should be new flash fiction up here at "A Martini and a Pen" tomorrow.  We appreciate your patronage, and we thank you in advance for coming back.


Mr. Linus Janikowski,
Office Manager

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