06 August 2012

In Which I Receive an Honor...

Zoiks!  What an honor!  The charming and talented Lyndsay Wheble, proprietor of Tolstoy is My Cat, just nominated me for a "Versatile Blogger Award"!  What a hoot!  You can read all of her selections here, including another mention of "the lost beat", on which I collaborate with my cousin, Natasha Gdansk.

The rules of the award state that when one is given said nomination, one must then 1.thank the nominator, 2.pass the nomination on to fifteen other blogs, and 3.disclose seven fascinating facts about yourself.  Here we go...

Thank you, Lyndsay!  I love your site, and to show you just how much, I list you as number one!  Is that OK?

1. Tolstoy is My Cat.  Lyndsay Wheble's site - home of some of the best book reviews you will read on this planet. The best part, though, might be her header links to her own short stories and pieces of flash fiction.  Lyndsay is phenomenally talented, and I can't get enough of her work. Bookmark this site and return often.  It is first rate!

2. Penelope's Romance Reviews.  OK.  I don't even like romance novels.  I have no interest in them, in fact, but that is not enough to keep Mrs. Watson off my list!  This site is a hoot.  Her literary bits-n-pieces are great, but best of all is her wry commentary on the writing life, cocktails and facial hair.  Check it out.  Totally worthwhile and fun.

3. I Write Things. I Read Things.  Lacy Lalonde's blog always offers something interesting - usually offbeat, and often things that I would not normally read.  Keep an eye open for this one, folks - when she is big and famous I expect a signed copy of the great Canadian novel appearing in my mailbox for telling you so.

4. Haikulia. From Haikulia.  Containing zombie haikus from Haikulia.  You have to see it to believe it.  She is the best zombie haiku writer I know.  I mean, she's not actually a zombie, as far as I know, but her haikus are about zombies.  At least some of them are.  They are all great.  Go there.

5. How to Write Badly Well.  You must look at Joel Stickley's site.  That is all I will say.  It is so good that i nearly wet myself with laughter most days that I visit.

6. From a Corner of a Foreign Field.  Always brilliant stuff from Eleanor Gwynn-Jones.  I haven't seen anything there recently, so perhaps she is on a bit of a vacation.  Nonetheless, she writes about life in such a clear and compelling way.  You must have a look.

7.  Block or Not.  Trying to answer timeless questions and solve the age old problem for many writers.  Definitely worth a stop every now and again.

I am going to pick up the pace on the remainder of these, as I can hear the bill collector tapping at my windowpane and I will need to make a quick getaway downstairs and through the cellar door.

8. Gulls of Brighton. A certain non-place, as Rachel Silverlight says. Delightful in any season, at any time.

9. Like Totally 80's.  This is just silly, and it is just wonderful.  I love it, and have ever since I stumbled upon it.

10. Melissa West.  A YA writer.  I am not at all into YA, but that is not all she has on her site - there is from time to time a great piece pertaining to writers of all stripes.  Check it out.

11. The Meth Lab.  Explicit.  Excellent.

12. Hazel Foster.  Incredibly talented.  Reviews and links to her writing.  Brilliant.  Did I say incredibly talented?

13. Wuthering Expectations.  Yes.  you must look at this.  Yes.It always manages to make me smile and develop a craving for marmalade.

14. Throw Grammar From the Train.  Another must-visit.  One of my favorites for a long time.

15.  Your Blog.  Yes, this is the one that you will be writing in just a short time.  Keep the art form alive, OK?  It is good for you and builds healthy bodies in seven ways.

Righty-ho, then...here are the seven things you might not know about me...

1.  I collect and shave with antique shaving equipment.

2. I learned how to rappel using non-traditional equipment attempting to evade law enforcement while on a drunken spree in South Korea with two crazy Canadians.

3. I fenced foil and saber while at university.

4. I am descended from Pomeranian royalty.  Really.

5. I can't stand Pomeranians.  The dogs, that is.

6. I have a Venn diagram tatooed on my right shoulder.

7. I once served as a naturalist for the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation on a week-long canoe voyage in far northern Wisconsin,  That is so very Darwin-esque of me, isn't it?


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  2. Thank you, Mr. Andrews. I am shocked you have a tattoo. I must check out Wuthering Expectations. I have to tell you...one of my favorite "inside" jokes with another author concerns the romance reviewer who referred to "Withering Heights" in her review. Hee hee! Now we both call the book Withering Heights because that is simply too delicious to ignore.