27 August 2012

Tiled Hav... Hey! What the Heck?

Greetings, dear readers of "A Martini and a Pen."  Mr. Andrews wanted me to let you know that the third installment of "Tiled Haven" is written and will be posted this week. Please be patient.

Mr. Andrews is enjoying a cycle of the steroid known as "prednisone" and is hot, sweaty, hungry, red-faced, and working on his new novel like there is no tomorrow. His short stories are playing second fiddle right now, in deference to this big whopping mess that he is writing.

Thank you once again for your patronage, and please check back daily. Encourage your friends to drop by if you are so moved, and please do remember to keep the shiny side up.

Mr. Linus G. Janikowski,
Secretary and Personal Assistant to Mr. Andrews

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