08 April 2013

Tantum Ergo. Well, I Declare.

Peter Switchback done seen the best kinda' horse you ever gonna' need.  A horse like that is hard to find, and worth lots, besides.  Just imagine what it musta' looked like.  We all seen horses like that, but we ain't usually ever able to lay claim to 'em.

Know what I mean?

Sure you do.

So he seen it at the auction, and there was that music playin' - not the music you think. It warn't that "Brown Eyed Girl" song like you might s'pose.  It was even better, and it reminded him of things almost as good, almost as carefree and good.  Hell, it might've even been better.

It was sung in Latin, and he wept.

We all gotta' done have wept now and again.  Some just does it sooner than others.

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