14 May 2011


Tristan was an asshole, let's be honest about it.  A womanizing, cheating asshole.  I hate to use foul language like that, but I realized after trying to edit it several times that there were very few words that could convey the weight of the eloquent and poignant "asshole."  The hole of an ass.  OK.  We are clear on that.

Tristan used to look at the dock workers and say stupid things.  He would chide them for their hairy forearms.  He would ridicule their lunches.  Worst of all, he would imitate their underbites - he would walk around with his jaw jutted out and saying things like "heck yeah," and "ayup."  What an ass.  The veritable hole of an ass, at that.

When Tristan was struck down by the moving van, there was not a single one of us who was inclined to shed a tear, I can assure you.  His bloodied shirt notwithstanding, we were not moved to emotion.  We were more likely to use words such as "relief" and "justice" than we were were "tragedy" and "sorrow."

The thin, blond-haired girl at the convenience store, though...the one with the stud through her lip...she cried a single tear and shouted at the heavens.  At the top of her lungs she shouted at the heavens when she heard the news about Tristan and the moving van.

"Patience is a lie!!"

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