14 November 2011

2011 "Micro Award" Nominee! Yikes!

I am greatly honored and humbled to have a story of mine nominated by Red Fez Entertainment for the Robert Laughlin Micro Award this year.  If you are interested in reading the original, you can click right here.

Thank you so very much to the editorial staff at Red Fez for taking my work seriously!  Here is their press release:

THE FEZZERY. November 13, 2011 --Red Fez Publications is pleased to announce their nominations for The Micro Award. 

In a continued effort to promote underground writing, the following stories have been nominated for The Micro Award, presented annually for a work of prose fiction written in English, of any genre, not above 1000 words in length: “Musketball” by Tom Andrews and “The Assignment” by Josh Olsen.

Both stories were published online in 2011.  They can be read in the archives at www.redfez.net.

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