07 November 2011

"Share a Martini Monday"

Hello everyone. Tom here.  I really do appreciate you coming around and having a read on this site every now and again and patiently waiting for the release of A Martini and a Pen - a Collection of Short Fiction and The Pultenham County Sketchbook.  It means a lot to me that you take your time to read little excerpts here and there as well as the bizarre cocktail of fiction that I throw at you.

Speaking of cocktails, don't you love it when someone shares a drink with you?  Particularly a Martini, in my opinion.  In that vein, I have a favor to ask...might you like to share this "Martini" with a friend?  I think you might.  Turning someone onto "A Martini and a Pen" is a kind way of saying "you matter" to a loved one or co-worker.  In fact, sneaking into your co-worker's cubicle while they are out for coffee and a doughnut, accessing their web browser, and secretly subscribing them to this site is a great little way to show you care.  They will love it, trust me.

Sharing "A Martini and a Pen" is fat-free and tax-deductible.  It will lower your serum cholesterol and allow you to combat hangovers more effectively.  Sharing it will make you the envy of the office and the playground, and it will give you the magical ability of being able to speak with hermit crabs.  One in four persons who turns someone on to this site will attain immortality and elbows plated with solid gold.  All your wildest dreams will come true.  You will learn how to fly and walk in corduroys without making that annoying sound.

Go ahead...share a Martini with a friend.  You'll be glad you did.

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