09 December 2011

Traveling Today...

Hello everyone...I am on the road this fine Friday, so I would like to suggest that if you have the time you could take a peek at my personal website and offer any suggestions you might have on improving it.  I would be ever so grateful!
Please find the site at www.tomandrews.us .   Any thoughts you have are appreciated! 
As my office manager Linus might say, "toodles!"
And, once again, as always...thank you for reading!


  1. Hi Tom,
    This is angel. I keep getting a page that says trouble loading page. I can't get to your website at all.

    Glad things are going well for you!

  2. I am not sure...it was working fine earlier. Thank you for the heads-up; I will look at it!

  3. Something is amiss with the name servers. I have given it a temporary fix and it works now. Thank you for letting me know!!